My Favourite

May 11, 2007 at 1:48 pm (Uncategorized)

MOVIE : Bring it on, Pirate of Carribean, Princess Diary, ONe LItre of Tears, R.V., Click, Devil wears prada, HARRY POTTER, and many more

FOOD : masakan bundaku, bakso, nasgor, black forest, toblerone, cadburry, ayam, mangut, spagheti, krupuk, kacang atom pedes, tahu bakso, mendoan, rolade, galantine, steak ayam, french fries, aduh banyak bgt ya padahal masih byk lho…

DRINK : juice (melon, tomato, mango, blewah,…), es jeruk, air putih dingin, coffe, green tea, kelapa muda, es campur, cappucino, lupa ik padahal msh ad k\lho tapi semua minuman aku suka asal g kemanisan

COWOK : Daniel Radcliffe, semua co yg suaranya merdu, Prince william

CEWEK : ga ada kaleee aku kan masih normal

TOKOH : my MOM is the best. She’s the best woman i’ve ever met and i’ll never forget her. I love you MOM

SHOES/SANDALS : reebok, converse, BATA, marie claire

BOOK : HARRY POTTER, teenlit berkualitas, history

I think that’s enough because i can’t stop my eyes to close. You know i feel so asleep. So, bye… see you

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